Every year, Vietnam consumes about 3.9 million tons of plastic of all kinds. Only 1.28 million tons (33%) are collected and recycled.

World Bank, 2019

3.9M → 33%

Ho Chi Minh City
62% Collected for Recycling
29% Landfill
9% Environmental Leakage

39% Collected for Recycling
57% Landfill
4% Environmental Leakage

Repeet® is a Vietnamese textile brand specialized in manufacturing alternative material solutions for the fashion industry and beyond.

Mission → Make sustainable materials commonplace in our market and further abroad.

At Repeet® we work hard to change the status quo in the garment industry, and create a future where fashion is clean.

Vision → A future where fashion has positive impact on the environment.

Repeet® transforms plastic waste into textiles. We do this through partnerships to promote a circular economy that benefits the community.

Values → Connection,
Openness & Change.

We seek connection with the partners in our supply chain to increase closeness and each others capabilities to venture into a new clean era with more power.

Being open with our technology, and process is not only a mandate, it is the way in which our actions can have more meaning and impact.

We can build a better future. We seek the alternative, through changing our now.

Repeet® creates sustainable materials and garments using polyester recycled yarn from Vietnam’s PET bottle waste.


Plastic Bottles are Collected, Washed and Chipped into rPET flakes.


rPET flakes are melted and formed into new fiber.


Fiber is spun into yarn. Yarn is knitted or weaved into fabric.


Fabric is cut and sewn into clothes.

We believe we can build a better future. We seek alternatives through changing our now. How many plastic bottles does it take to make new clothes?


Plastic Bottles
→ T-Shirt


Plastic Bottles
→ Polo Shirt


Plastic Bottles
→ Shirt


Plastic Bottles
→ Hoodie

Sustainability can lead the way to clean fashion. We have a responsibility as an industry leader in Vietnam. We thoughtfully pursue better solutions.

Single Jersey Solid

60% Cotton
20% Virgin Polyester
20% Recycled Polyester
CVC 28’S
Poly 50D, 205gsm, 67-69”

Single Jersey Melange

60% Cotton
40% Recycled Polyester
CVC 30’S
180gsm, 55-57”

Interlock Melange

60% Cotton
40% Recycled Polyester
CVC 40’S
210gsm, 59-61”

Solid Pique

40% Cotton
46.5% Virgin Polyester
13.5% Recycled Polyester
CVC 28’S
Poly 150D, 225gsm, 74-76”

Pique Melange

40% Cotton
13.5% Recycled Polyester
46.5% Polyester
CVC 20’S
225gsm, 91-93”

Twill Solid

75% Cotton
25% Recycled Polyester
CVC 28’S
200gsm, 61-63”

We leverage our legacy and expertise in the textile industry, to make sustainable products that are 100% made in Vietnam.


Plastic Bottles Used: 07
Material: Single Jersey Solid

Color: White, Black, Green
Size: S, M, L, XL

Polo Shirt

Plastic Bottles Used: 10
Material: Single Jersey Solid

Color: White, Dark Navy, Green
Size: S, M, L, XL

We believe that partnership and collaboration will create a larger impact and accelerate awareness and acceptance of sustainable practices in Vietnam.

Do Great